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Sport Comics

Creative Home Runs

As sports fans, the studio has taken great joy in bringing a creative spin to iconic brands and teams. Comic books are an accessible jumping on point for young children just getting their feet wet in sports, and branded content in sequential form helps to build lasting memories of early arena trips with mom and dad.

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The Harlem Globetrotters Presents…

Globe in “Around the World and Back Again”

When the fun-hating General Washington of the Washington Generals causes the Globetrotters to lose their rhythm and forget how to dance, Globie must work to restore the beat-based balance so that the team can once again celebrate their wins in style.

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Warrior The Golden Retriever In…

Chasing The Chase Center

Warrior the Golden Retriever is the biggest Golden State Warriors fan there is and he’s made it his personal mission to help the team promote their new stadium, The Chase Center.

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MotoAmerica Presents…

Moto Minis

When 13-year-old Cullen Wambolt discovers a group of raucous racers no more than six inches tall behind a magical door in his garage, he’ll find himself annoyed by their brusque behavior, especially after they use his homework as a canvass for their skid mark art. But as time passes, Cullen will befriend the mini super bike riders and they will ultimately help his family keep from losing their house after it falls into foreclosure.

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